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Youth Department Information

Good Afternoon Leaders,

Save the Date

Join us for our upcoming Youth Leaders Conference.

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The National Youth Department will have 1 flat bed truck and DJ. Each church is to provide their own vehicles and music for the motorcade. Please note that it is not mandatory for you to rent a truck, decorate a vehicle or hire a DJ (unless you want to and would be really nice to have). However, we would like for you to have your church shirts, flags, pom poms and other paraphernalia for the motorcade to promote the youth department.

We would like the motorcade to start on time so please ensure that those going on the motorcade are in place for the start time.

Pre-convention block party:

Entrance fee: $2

Guest artist and Teen Talent participants will be performing.

The ‘GO’ Jingle contest will also be that evening.

Each church has the opportunity to rent a tent for the cost of $100 which will include a tent, electricity, 2 chairs and a table.

No two churches should be selling the same items so as to optimize each churches opportunity to make a good profit.

Below are the items for sale that are already confirmed as taken:

  • Jerk Pit
  • Wings/Fries
  • Popcorn/Cotton candy
  • Daiquiris
  • Drinks
  • Fritters
  • Hotdogs/Hamburgers
  • Code Red
  • Fish/Chicken Dinners
  • Sweets

We would like to collect the $100 fee for the participating churches starting this week so that we can make preparation for the Block Party.

If you still want to participate in the sale of items at the Block Party please contact Rev. Pascal Saunders to be added to the list.

Set up time for the stall should be by 5:00pm to receive the crowd arriving from the Motorcade. Hence, you should not send everyone on the motorcade so that there can be a team to set up and waiting to serve.

The stall set up will be done by the committee. Once you arrive you will see which stall location has been allocated to you.


There will be a security team hired for the block party as well as the duration of the convention.
Lights will be set up at the back of the convention centre to ensure that that area is well lit throughout the convention.


If you are on the program or have youth participating on the program, please ensure you are on time. Also, there will be a special seating area to the far side (north) of the convention centre by the stage entrance door for all program participants. This is to ensure a smooth flow of the program.
Two ushers will be assigned specifically to assist with ensuring participants are in place.

The National Youth Praise Team will be ministering from Tuesday – Sunday evening. National Praise Team members are ministering on Monday night and are to be on stand by for the rest of the convention.

Program outline will be emailed/distributed in short order.

  • Saturday Night is free (no concert will be that evening)
  • Youth Choir will be singing every night.
  • Wednesday Night: All youth Night
  • Only youth will participate on the program
  • Tag team speakers will have 5 – 7 minutes each to minister
  • Girls’ Club and Boys Club should be in uniform
  • Church Members are asked to wear your church shirts or colors on that evening and bring your flag (if your church has one).
  • Friday Night: National Drama – “We are Overcomers”
  • Cost of tickets: $10
  • Start time: 7:00 pm
  • Tickets can be received from your GO TEAM members or any participant in the drama.
  • Drama will be recorded and DVD’s will be made available for sale.


National Sports Day will be held on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 at 9 am
For the Sports Registration Fees and Schedule of events, you can contact Moses Johnson Jr.

Family Island Care:

We want to extend extra care and attention to the Family Island delegates.
Each island will have its own Go Team Member/Greeter who will welcome them and ensure that they have all that they need (eg. food for the evening etc.)
A number of churches have volunteered to pick up and allow an island to participate in their service on Sunday Morning July 12th. That church is also responsible for feeding those delegates.

Volunteer Churches:

  • Cathedral of Praise – North Eleuthe
  • Chippingham – South Eleuthera
  • Southwest – Bimini
  • New Victory Temple – Andros
  • Southland – Cat Island
  • Solid Rock – Abaco
  • Bernard Road – Grand Bahama

Take the opportunity to reach out to our delegates. Say ‘hello’ and get to know some of them. These are the ones who have to come over for College and we would like them to feel comfortable coming to our churches rather than seeking a church home outside of the Church of God.

Convention Committees:


Usher/Protocol – Deronica Rolle & Michael Nairn
Clerk – Sharaine Dean
Children’s Church – Wendell & Vianna Gardiner
Multimedia – Rev. Darvin Toussaint


Go Team

Convention Committee list will be sent out shortly.

Please ensure you reach out to your committee head to be informed of your role for the convention.


BLOW OUT SALE continues until this Friday, June 26th, 2015 at 2:00 pm, when the National Office closes (unless other arrangements have been made.

when the National Office closes (unless other arrangements have been made.

Groups Sale price Regular price
Leaders $ 40 $ 50
Adults (Non leaders) $ 20 $ 25
Teens $ 15
Children (12 and under) $ 5 $ 10

Table Set Up (During Convention)

There will be tables set up at the back of the convention centre various ministries for convention attendants to view. Included in the tables set up will be the following:

  • Teen Talent – to display the participants as well as collect donations towards their trip fees.
  • National Youth Department Scholarship Fund – we look to start a scholarship fund for our youth to attend either The College of the Bahamas or BTVI by accepting donations and pledges. The funds will be deposited in the Church of God Credit Union Youth Department Account. We hope to select the first recipient at the next National Youth Convention. Please see the table for more information concerning requirements and amount for donations.
    CAMP 2016! We’re bring it back! See table for more information.
    Assistance With Food Purchase For The Convention
  • We are requesting that each church assist with the purchase of the major food items for the convention.
  • Please see the attachment for the list of food items. (Prices are not included as yet)
  • Take a look at the list and see which item(s) you will be able to purchase and donate. Once you have made your decision, please let us know via email or contacting any one of us at the National Office.
  • Fast For The Convention:
  • In preparation for the convention we are kindly asking you to join us in a fast the week before the convention from 6 am – 6 pm starting from Monday, June 29th, 2015.