Church of God The Bahamas

Church Directory / New Providence

Greater Chippingham Church Of God Bishop Brian Rolle Rosebud & Eden, P.O.Box SS-5232, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3280029
Cathedral of Praise Church Of God Rev. Cleveland A. Mitchell Mt, Pleasant Village, P.O.Box CR-55300, Nassau, Bahamas 242-3625175, 
Cornerstone Church Of God Rev. Patricia Rolle Finlayson Street,  P.O.Box FH-14270, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3240339, 242-3947321
Faith Mission Church Of God Rev. Sherelle Saunders Fox Hill Road, P.O.Box FH-14103, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3641894 
Independence Drive Church Of God Bishop Joseph Smith P.O.Box, N.P. Nassau, Bahamas  242-3610289 
New Solid Rock Church Of God Bishop Charles Johnson Soldier Road, P.O.Box SS-19466, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3937722, 242-3240687
New Victory Temple Church Of God Bishop Tavares Johnson Hospital lane, P.O.Box N-10563, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3240722 
New Dimension Church Of God Bishop Victor Johnson Joe Ferrington Road, P.O.Box EE 16556, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3640808, 242-3246996
The New Goodwill Church Of God Bishop Darrin Woods Peardale, P.O.Box, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3259227 
Bernard Road Church Of God Rev. Daniel Hall Bernard Road, P.O.Box FH-14517, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3240523 
Fowler Street Church Of God Bishop Donald Durant Smith  P.O.Box N-66, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3937934, 242-3251857 
East street Cathedral Church Of God Bishop Carlton J. Stuart P.O.Box N-8842, Nassau, Bahamas   242- 3234283, 242-3641756
Lakeview Church Of God Bishop Harvey Cash Bozene Town, P.O.Box N-8962, Nassau, Bahamas  242- 3417536,242-3644785
Lighthouse Fellowship Church Rev. Eileen Johnson Pinewood Gardens, P.O.Box SS-6998, Nassau, Bahamas   242- 3920646
Southland Cathedral Church Of God Bishop Ephraim Rolle Soldier Road west, P.O.Box N-99, Nassau, Bahamas   242-456-9921
Peniel Church Of God Pastor Louicius Dumel Joe Farrington Rd, P.O. Box N-656, Nassau, Bahamas    242-465-2897
Vision Of Hope Cathedral Bishop Kirk Smith Yamacraw Estates, P.O.Box EE-16269, Nassau, Bahamas  242-3240345, 242-3240230
Southwest Cathedral Church Of God Bishop Carlton Adderley Carmichael Road, P.O.Box -54042, Nassau, Bahamas  242- 3927293, 242-3410356
Faith Temple Church Of God Bishop Carlos Thompson Prince Charles Dive, P.O.Box SS-5765, Nassau, Bahamas  242- 3228974
New Dixie Church Of God Bishop Rohodrick Brown  Wulf Road, P.O.Box N-4446, Nassau, Bahamas  242- 
Good Sheperd Church Of God  Market Street, Opposite Johnson Road 242-3257850