Church of God The Bahamas


Women’s Ministry President

Reverend: Cynthia Johnson

Rev. Cynthia Johnson is a humble, soft spoken, simple, yet eloquent individual.

She has groomed herself into a distinct mother for both the young and old to emulate.

Professionally, she was a Registered Nurse, having served some thirty (30) years in the public service network.  Cynthia laboured at The Princess Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Clinic and the Aids Secretariat.

She is now retired from Public Service and serves as National Women’s President of the Churches of God in the Bahamas and oversees sixty-six churches in Nassau and the Family Islands.

Many members can attest of the compassionate spirit that sister Cynthia expresses, displays and shares. Her family is a partnership of parents and children working in God’s vineyard for the up-building of the kingdom.

Rev. Johnson ascribes to the four (P’s). Pray daily to God, Promote the Kingdom, Participate in a spiritual walk and Partnership with husband, family and friends.